From Bangkok to Chiang Mai

by Josée

Our two and a half days in Bangkok went by quickly. It gave us some time to recuperate from the long flight over, see a couple malls (MBK and Emporium), check out a night market, visit a park and stroll around the neighbourhood. I’ve heard some people say that their first impression of Bangkok was not good and that it took time for them to like the city. I expected to feel the same but surprisingly I was drawn to this bustling city. The city is smoggy and there are shanties right next to gorgeous mansions. There are electrical cables strewn everywhere and traffic is crazy, even the side walks are not sacred from motorcyclists. Despite the seeming chaos there seems to be order. The city feels safe and the people are friendly and hardworking.

Today we packed up our bags and climbed into a big van to make our way to the airport. We boarded an Air Asia flight to Chiang Mai which only lasted an hour. As we approached Chiang Mia it was covered in a smoky haze. It seems like burning season might have already begun or maybe it is just smog, either way I don’t think my sinuses will be thanking me. From the airport we boarded a songthaew (red truck) which brought us to our hotel, Mandala House. The children were all looking out the songthaew window as we drove through the city. Claire would shout out “sawadika!” to the passing motorists which means “greetings” or “hello”. As we bumped along to our hotel Teddy feel asleep sitting up, poor little guy, he was so exhausted. Chiang Mai looks like a really interesting city and I cannot wait to start exploring it over the next week.

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Alice McCrea January 21, 2015 - 3:32 am

Thanks for your photos and write up. I feel that I am right with you. Wonderful. What a good experience for the children and all the group. Keep up you blog. Alice in wonderland.

Laurie January 21, 2015 - 3:45 pm

Good for you. What an experience!!!!

Elisa Armstrong January 24, 2015 - 11:16 pm

Lovely photos! So exciting. I'm happy to be home, here, but I am excited for your adventure!! So good you are documenting because I doubt the little one will remember much! Ha, such a cutie w/ the glasses.


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