Prachuap Kiri Khan

by Josée
The moment we saw the ocean everyone was abuzz. After spending nearly two weeks exploring the northern part of Thailand we finally set foot on the sandy beach of Prachuap Kiri Khan. Our friends have spent some time exploring this quaint city a couple years ago and were excited to show us around. After booking into O Bay Design Hotel we put on our swimsuits and went to relax at Ao Manao beach. To get to this beach we had to go into an army base and cross a runway. The beach itself isn’t your perfect picturesque Thai beach but because we have nothing to compare to we were more than pleased. The water was warm and the sand soft. The children spent hours building sand structures, collecting shells and small crabs. The change of pace was incredibly relaxing. We rented some chairs for 10 baht each and ordered some Thai food for lunch. As the day wore on the trees cast shade on us and protected us from the hot sun. Prachuap Kiri Khan is not overly touristy and so every once in a while a Thai person would come by and snap of few pictures of us pharangs (white tourists). Without knowing what they were saying I would often wonder if they were pleased to see us or simply making fun of us for showing so much skin as Thai people swim fully clothed. Either way they love interacting with our children and my daughter laps up all the attention coming her way. 

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Alice McCrea February 1, 2015 - 3:01 am

Thanks. Pray for Betty. She was diagnozed with a few Tumors on her liver. Very painful. Alice


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