Ao Sane Beach Phuket

by Josée
This morning, after a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage, I got incredibly antsy. I needed to go out and do something, anything, to soothe my restlessness. Often I get these incredible urges to do something and I wonder where they come from. The desire to do seem so ingrained and can be all consuming. The worse part is that if I don’t answer my internal call to get moving I can get into a terrible funk. Does anyone else experience this?

So after breakfast our little family packed a lunch and drove in search of a smaller, shadier, more secluded beach. We found such a place close to Nai Harn beach. Ao Sane beach is a bit off the beaten track. To get there you must pass by Nai Harn beach, drive under the yacht club and then up and down a hill with a single lane road. Ao Sane beach is small with patches of coarse sand and large rocks jutting out of the water. There were a few dozen people sprawled under the shade. The beach was not overly busy which was nice.

The best part of this small beach is that it offers easy access to offshore snorkeling that is perfect for the beginner snorkeler. A quick push off the beach and there are schools of colourful fish swimming below. We only had one mask and snorkel so we each took turns exploring the coral beneath. It didn’t seem like we were out too long but I managed to burn the back of my legs, the one spot I didn’t put sunscreen. By the afternoon the tide was low which made off shore snorkeling more difficult. So we packed up our bags in the hopes of returning again soon.

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Amy @WorldschoolAdventures February 5, 2015 - 4:58 am

Glad you scoped out the beach for us. Looking forward to doing some offshore snorkelling with the kiddos.


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