Arriving in Phuket

by Josée
Another full day of driving and we have safely arrived in Phuket. I really don’t have too much to share about the drive. Our voyage was smooth and efficient. I think we have figured out an effective system for caravan travelling. The magic formula comprises of Minecraft, tuna fish sandwiches, limited drinks and a few bathroom breaks for good measures. I will admit that I was not very present for today’s drive as I was captivated by a world filled with strapping Scottish lads, also known as Diana Galbadon’s Outlander. Every once in a while I would peak out my window to admire the passing scenery of limestone cliffs, tropical vegetation and the occasional giant Buddha statue. 
We stopped at Phen’s Restaurant on the north end of Phuket and enjoyed the most delicious massaman curry to date. We topped it off with deep fried banana and ice cream – yum! The food in the southern part of Thailand is much more expensive than the north but everything gets more expensive are you travel south. After crawling through the heavy traffic in Phuket we finally arrived at our destination, a beautiful new home that we will be renting for at least the next week. The children enjoyed a quick splash in the pool before bed which are the pictures you see above. I think we are all excited to have this amazing home as our hangout for the next while as we explore Phuket.

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