Nam Jai Alley Market Phuket

by Josée
As we have been travelling through Thailand we have been exploring its various markets. Our first night market experience was in Bangkok. It was a bit of a culture shock but I found that I felt excited and energized as I wove through the stalls. In Chiang Mai we went to both the Saturday and the Sunday night markets. These were huge markets mostly selling clothing, silver jewelry and tourist type paraphernalia. The wares are relatively inexpensive, compared to the south, and with some adept bargaining it is possibly to get the vendor to drop their prices significantly. We also went to the night market in Prachuap Kiri Khan which was smaller, less touristy but quaint.

My favourite market, however, is just close to our house in Phuket. On the corner of Nam Jai Alley and Wiset (4024), is a small but thriving local market that reminds me a little of our farmers’ market back home. This market takes place every Wednesday and Sunday evenings from about four till eight, with the Wednesday market being a little bigger. As you walk through the market there are many interesting sights and smells. There are stalls filled with fresh seafood, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices. Some fish are so fresh that they are still wiggling in the pail. There are stalls selling meat with chicken feet reaching out to grab you as you walk by. My husband was rather disturbed this. As you pass through the market and admire the variety of foods you will eventually find the food stalls that sell cooked food. To be honest I am a little squeamish about these stalls. I feel comfortable with food cooked to order but I am quite suspicious about any non-vegetarian foods laying around. Maybe after some time I could get use to it but right now those stalls just raise too many red flags in my mind. I do enjoy trying new foods but I would rather not spend a night with food poisoning. I am happy though that we will have the chance to visit this market one more time before returning to Bangkok.

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