The Big Buddha

by Josée

I am in official countdown mode now. With only one day until our departure from Phuket and four days until we leave Thailand our time here is rapidly coming to an end. We are enjoying our last couple days in Phuket by checking out a couple popular sites, lounging on beautiful beaches and eating delicious food.

In the morning we took the steep and windy road up to see Big Buddha, a forty-five metre high statue made of Burmese marble. It is an impressive sight to see and the overall atmosphere is peaceful and filled with the ringing sound of bells which are strewn all around. The Big Buddha site is still under construction so while the statue itself is impressive the surrounding buildings are in various states of completion. In order to fund future construction there are vendors selling trinkets and charms throughout the area.

From Big Buddha we made our way southwards back towards Ya Nui beach. Because we arrived later in the day most of the shade had disappeared but for one hundred baht ($4 cad) each we rented three umbrellas and these provided us with shelter from the sun. While we were at the beach the children explored the large outcroping of rocks for hermit crabs and my husband enjoyed snorkeling among the coral. And for the first time Teddy played in the water like a little minnow. He has been very tentative around water for the longest time so it was such a pleasure to see him playing in the waves.

To finish off our day our dear friends offered to care for our children while my husband and I went out for a lovely meal at Mom Tri’s Kitchen. The food was delicious, albeit expensive, but worth indulging in for one night.

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