Ya Nui Beach Phuket

by Josée
With only a few days left in Phuket we set out to discover another beach. This time we went a little further south to Ya Nui beach. On our way there we stopped at the popular Phromthep Cape viewpoint which overlooks Nai Harn beach to the right and Ko Kaeo Kai to the left. The view is best if you walk up towards the direction of the lighthouse. Unfortunately my camera was having issues and I lost more than half of the pictures that I took today so you will have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps.
Ya Nui beach is only a couple minutes drive away from Phromthep Cape. It is a small beach but a popular one among families with young children, for good reasons. The sand is soft and there is decent shade coverage during the first part of the day. Also the water stays shallow for a ways and there are no strong currents. All these things make Ya Nui ideal for families with small children. The other great attraction to Ya Nui beach is that it is a good place for off shore snorkeling. The snorkeling isn’t as accessible for children, like Ao Sane, but we found it to be decent none-the-less. 
The only other thing we notice at Ya Nui beach were the many topless women. I have seen a few topless women here or there on the beaches of Phuket but not as many as on the small beach of Ya Nui. Now, I don’t have anything against women sunbathing or swimming topless, in fact I admire how comfortable they are with their bodies, but here in Thailand where modesty is valued and locals swim fully clothed going topless is not culturally sensitive. I believe that if we wish the Thai people to show kindness and respect to us farangs then we need to do likewise and be mindful of their culture and values. 

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