A Little Bit of Winter with Selah Outdoor Exploration

by Josée
We hadn’t seen snow, in any great amount, since we left on our trip to Thailand back in January. There was a hint of flurries last week, but my husband and I debated if it was in fact snow. Piles of snow still do exist in these parts but you must drive up the mountain to find it and even though snow is up there I had my doubts that we would find any at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, a small ski hill just west of Kelowna, BC. It was a good thing I packed our snow gear because there was definitely snow up there. The reason for our going there was that it was the location of our Selah Outdoor Exploration adventure. I should note that the ski hill is closed for this season (2014/2015) but Selah uses the space for some of their programs.

Selah Outdoor Exploration offers outdoor and environmental learning adventures for children and youth in these parts. Our learning community has partnered with them before and I have heard nothing but good things spoken about the programs they offer. Today we made our way up to Crystal Mountain to take part in Inuit games and snowshoe hiking. I mostly watched the activities from afar as my two youngest kept busy sledding down a small hill. The program ran from nine in the morning until one-thirty in the afternoon and the children seemed to be interested and engaged the whole time. When I asked my son about his experiences today he was rather vague, as usual, but mentioned a few of his favourites games and the fact that his legs were rather sore from the snoeshowing. Overall, I believe everyone had a good time and will sleep well tonight.

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Alice McCrea March 7, 2015 - 4:51 am

When I opened your blog I was really wondering where you guys were, The children seem to be enjoying themselves. What a contrast to Thailand. Keep it up.

Josée March 7, 2015 - 4:20 pm

Yes, it was definitely a contrast to Thailand!


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