Garden Journal (yr 3: vol 1)

by Josée
Spring is truly here. We’ve been enjoying the sight of beautiful flowers, preparing the gardens and getting our hand dirty planting seeds. I started my tomato and pepper seeds indoors on the twentieth of this month, along with a few cauliflower seeds. Last year I started my tomato seeds a little too early, and by the time I was ready to plant the seedlings they were too big and had a difficult time adjusting to the outdoors. I probably should have waited a little longer to start the tomatoes this year but the itch to get started was too difficult to ignore.

On Monday, the twenty-third, we planted the peas and broad beans in one of our raised beds and on Thursday, the twenty-sixth, we started some cauliflower, cabbage, leeks, basil and alpine strawberry seeds indoors. Already many of our indoor seeds have sprouted and are enjoying the steady glow of the grow lights. Those grow lights are sure bright! They basically announce the whole neighbourhood that we are growing plants inside out house. Several neighbours have inquired as to what I am growing this year and I suspect some are just checking to make sure nothing illegal is going on over here.

This year we are trying a few new tomato and pepper varieties. For tomatoes, we are sticking to several favourites: Jaune Flamme, Garderner’s Delight, Andy’s Buckflat Wonders, Kellogg’s BreakfastIndigo Rose and Red Brandywine. New to us this year is Super Fantastic. As for peppers we figured that our stash of dried hot peppers will last us until the following summer so this year we are planting mostly sweet peppers. We planted some California Wonder, Orange Sun, Chocolate Beauty, Gypsy, Pepperoncini and Sweet Banana pepper seeds. I did sneak in a few Jalapeno, Ancho, Chile De Arbol and Cheyenne for making my favourite canned salsa towards the end of the summer.

Around my yard the green onions and garlic and full and healthy. The raspberry canes are covered in small leaves and the first blooms on my peach tree are swelling. The apple trees are showing signs of life, and so is the plum tree, which I neglected to plant until just a few weeks ago. My husband built me a couple pea trellises and I am hoping I can convince him to build a few strawberry boxes next month as well. Yes, spring is a special time filled with the promised of goodness and life!

Garden Journal (vol. 1)
Garden Journal (yr 2: vol 1)

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Alice McCrea March 30, 2015 - 3:58 am

Are you ever busy. Good and healthy to include the children. Good luck with your garden. Alice

Jane March 31, 2015 - 8:26 pm

Looks amazing! I love hearing all your garden details!
Did Jeremie work from instructions for the pea trellis? Do you think you could capture a couple more pictures of them and send them my way – I'm just in the midst of trying to figure out how best to trellis mine this year. Is it a moveable trellis? So many questions! 🙂


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