Spring Love

by Josée
Spring time. A time of renewal and growth. As I explore the outdoors I see life unfurling, opening to new possibilities, brazenly accepting the journey forward. The soil is soft, yielding to eager sprouts pushing through. The apricot and cherry trees are beginning to bloom. I brought my children under the canopy of a large cherry tree today. The tree was vibrating with life; the steady buzzing of hundreds of hardworking honeybees. It was incredible. We stopped under a weeping willow and gathered sprouting branches, soft and malleable, perfect for making willow crowns. 

Spring is a time for embracing change and growth. This spring I have found myself more open to Divine Love, to Abba’s love, and seek to allow it to fill me, nourish me and give me the courage to open my heart to life and love. This spring I want my heart to be like the damp spring soil, open to growth, despite the challenge it might present, so that one day I can partake in the bountiful harvest.

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Alice McCrea March 25, 2015 - 4:01 am

Thanks for sharing photos and also how you feel at this time in your spiritual life.You have been blessed in so many ways. I am really proud of you and privileged to have known you so many years ago, in my daycare in P.G. You and Jeremy are roll models for our young adults. Praying that God continues to bless you both and your 3 children and to continue to be example of faith, hope and love with the ones you come in contact with in your daily encounters, I am so proud of you. Love Alice


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