Teddy at 3

by Josée
Oh Teddy, my gregarious little boy. You have just completed your third journey around the sun, and what adventures we have had this last year. You do not hesitate to let others know how you feel and everything is at maximum volume. You are always putting to work the new words that have discovered and I cannot get over how adorable the word “hippopotamus” sounds when it comes from your lips. These days I often hear you singing and chatting to anyone that will listen. Some of your favourite sentences are “I don’t like that” and “I don’t like you”. We try our best to give you words to better describe how you’re actually feeling but we know that will come with time. 

There were two things that happened this year that may change your style for quite some time. The first was the attainment of some rather fine spectacles. Yes, my dear son, you have inherited my farsightedness. Thankfully glasses have come a long way from the large, glass magnifying lenses I sported as a child. I have to admit that you look mighty dashing in your blue (and green) frames. The second was you had a rather unfortunate accident that left you with a large scar by your right eye. Maybe as you get older your friends will be jealous of this battle scar.

Now that you are three I see that streak of independence shining through. You insist on dressing yourself and have made it clear that you will not use the toilet, much to my dismay. Every time I hear the stool being dragged across the kitchen floor I bolt in anticipation, knowing full well that you trying to get to that bag of marshmallows. Getting along with you older siblings is all or nothing. Either I hear you playing with glee or shouting in anger because you wanted that Lego sword. I am curious to see what adventures we will have in this next year, but regardless of what is to come, know dearest Teddy, that we love you.

Looking back:

Teddy at 2 (no post)
Teddy at 1
Teddy at 6 months
Teddy at 2 months

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Cindy March 4, 2015 - 7:15 am

He is such a cutie! Love that first picture of him in his glasses. Have a wonderful birthday teddy!

Alice McCrea March 4, 2015 - 3:48 pm

Happy Birthday Teddy. I have a surprise for next time I see you and I hope it will be soon. Love and hugs. Alice


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