Lake Louise

by Josée

Why we were going to look at a lake was beyond my children. We live by a lake and we only look at it if we aren’t close enough to be in it. It took a bit of convincing and explaining for them to understand that we were going to see a special lake. When we arrived at the lovely paved trail along Lake Louise here is was happened: 
My Eldest: “Maman, those mountains look so 3D!”
My Husband: “That’s because they are 3D!”
My Eldest: “Really?”
My Husband: “Yes, those are real mountains.”
My Eldest: “Woah…those are really nice!”

My daughter and youngest took no notice of the surroundings except for the rocks and the water. Despite the glacial water they were up to their knees in it as they clambered over rocks and boulders.

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Alice McCrea July 26, 2015 - 5:27 pm

Beautiful photos. Brave children. Good training. Thanks to keep us updated in your travels. God bless you and protect you on your way. Love. Alice

Kim July 27, 2015 - 11:56 pm

Be still my heart, this is one of my favourite places. It has been much too long since I have visited. Thanks for sharing your photos.


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