Sun Ripened Apricots

by Josée
My parents have an apricot tree. A beautiful apricot tree filled with sun ripened apricots. We have been harvesting fruit from this tree over the last couple weeks and finding creative ways to eat and preserve them. I have learned over the last few years that my family is not terribly excited about canned apricots or even apricot jam; however, we do use frozen apricots regularly in our smoothies. To preserve apricots I simply pit, halve and place them on a cookie sheet which goes into the freezer. Once frozen I put the apricots in large resealable bags. I have also discovered two new way of enjoying apricots: apricot-caramel popsicles (from People’s Pops) and rustic apricot tart. I would love to hear about your favourite ways of enjoying apricots. 

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Alice McCrea July 15, 2015 - 4:13 am

I love them raw. Eating them tree ripened is so good. I also canned them in quart jars for winter use and I do enjoy them by adding a bit of maple syrup in the serving as I find the canned apricots a bit tart even with the sugar in the canned jars. Try it with maple syrup. I also eat them with a sweet cookie and a bit of creamo. Alice


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