Garden Journal (yr 3: vol 8)

by Josée
When I return home after a lengthy period of time the very first thing I do is check on my garden. Two-and-a-half weeks is a long time to be away from my summer garden and during that period of time plenty has changed. Right before leaving I cleared out a garden bed and planted carrot, beet, swiss chard, spinach, bean and lettuce seeds. Now the garden bed is covered in seedling except where I planted spinach. For some mysterious reason I am having a difficult time with spinach this year. Is it too hot? too dry? I’m not sure. When it cools off a little I will try planting spinach again.

While I was away my corn grew at least three feet, the squash took over the corner of my yard and the peppers and tomatoes became decidedly happy and laden with beautiful ripe fruit. In fact, my garden was not only thriving when we returned but it was weed free! Of course weeds don’t pull themselves. A big thank you to M, my friend and organic-farm-gardener extraordinaire, for taking care of my garden while I was away.

Now I have the wonderful problem of having so much to harvest in the garden. It is such a great problem to have because we have been eating plenty of fresh produce every day and I have lots more for preserving. Yesterday I processed my first batch of stewed tomato. I know that it is only the beginning many hours of preserving in the next couple months. To learn how to can stewed tomatoes go here: How to Can Crushed Tomatoes.

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Jeremie August 13, 2015 - 4:12 pm

Nice! I noticed one little mistake though. The link to How to Can Crushed Tomatoes seems to be broken.


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