Linden Gardens

by Josée
It is terrible to admit that I have lived in the South Okanagan for three years and yet today was my first time visiting Linden Gardens. This morning we joined our friends on a leisurely, or somewhat leisurely, walk. The truth is, viewing a garden with seven rambunctious children is not particularly leisurely.  Regardless, it was a beautiful place to visit and one that my children have already asked to return to.

Linden Gardens is nine acres of land covered in trees, shrubs, flowers, streams, ponds, bridges, winding paths and soft green grass. Throughout the garden there are chairs and tables set up, inviting the passerby to stop and relax. The garden is located in Kaleden, on the west side of Skaha lake: directions here. Entry into the garden costs five dollars, half-price for children, or twenty dollars for a season pass. Next year I plan on purchasing a season pass so that we can enjoy the beautiful Linden Gardens from May until September.

Another draw to Linden Garden is the Frog City Cafe, a popular spot for breakfast and lunch. By the business of the place, I think that it is safe to assume that it is a good place to enjoy food and drink.

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