Autumn in Northern British Columbia

by Josée

Signs of autumn are only beginning to show themselves around our home. However, after a journey of more than eight hundred kilometers north we find ourselves in the heart of fall. I have probably mentioned it before but my two favourite seasons up north are late spring and early fall. In the early fall deciduous trees up north are covered in bright yellow leaves. These striking yellow leaves against the deep green of the evergreens and the azure sky make for such a striking display of colours that I am content to just sit and stare.

Taking a walk through forest on a crisp morning means I can explore autumn even more. I walk carefully over fallen logs and keep my eyes open for what nature has to show me. I am amazed by all the little mushrooms, the moss and berries covering the forest floor. There are bigger animals a foot in the forest too and there is plenty of evidence of deer and bears. I hope that we will have plenty of opportunities for exploring autumn up north in the next little bit but I want to share a few of the first pictures that I have capture since our arrival.

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Alice McCrea October 3, 2015 - 11:03 pm

Finally I can reply. You are an amazing contemplative being, this is what I admire in you. God given gift that you are sharing with us, hoping that we too can see God's beauty in creation like Francis and so many mystics did. Happy Feast day of St Francis tomorrow. Love . Alice


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