Canoeing on Vaseux Lake

by Josée

Vaseux Lake is located in the south Okanagan, situated between the towns of Okanagan Falls and Oliver, in British Columbia. This freshwater lake is a Migratory Bird Sanctuary and home to some the best bass fishing the province. Because it is a protected area, motorized boats are prohibited on the lake which means it is a perfect lake for canoes and kayaks.

There are several boat launches around the lake. We drove along highway ninety-seven to the south end of the lake and turned at Sundial road. About halfway down this short road there is a small boat launch. When we arrived there were already several vehicles parked along the side and it was even more crowded when we returned. The great thing about this southerly boat launch is that it is close to several interesting features.

The first feature is a small island on the south end of the lake, we were able to pull up to its rocky beach for a quick picnic lunch. The island is located straight ahead from the boat launch. To the left of the boat launch, away from the highway, the Okanagan River flows and to the west of the river are two lagoons. It was a little chilly for swimming on our paddle through but I have heard that swimming in these lagoons is absolutely amazing in the summertime. It was just before the first lagoon that my son pull in a small bass on his fishing line. After taking a couple photos we released it back into the water.

As we paddled down Okanagan River the looming sheer rock face of McIntyre Bluff cast its shadow over us. It is an impressive sight to see. There were also plenty of waterfowls, mostly geese and ducks, swimming about and we spotted two raptor nests perched on old power poles. Eventually we stopped above the McIntyre dam and made our way back up the river to the boat launch. It is a beautiful lake with plenty to see and explore. I am sure we will return again soon.

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