Falling Leaves

by Josée

Today was one of those perfect autumn days. It was sunshiny, warm and full of autumnal colours. A gentle wind coaxed golden leaves from their branches and carried them through the sweet smelling air. We raked the leaves into a great big pile and then my two youngest argued about who would get to jump into them first. It did not matter that the pile could be remade after each jump. Perhaps leaf pile jumping would not be the same without a tantrum or two thrown in for good measure. Eventually we abandoned the pile of crispy leaves and ventured forth to collect leaves to make some leaf art, at my daughter’s request. The leaves are such beautiful colours right now. There are deep shades of red, bright yellows and light greens. Some leaves are speckled and others are covered in small lines made by a leaf-miners some time ago. Autumn is such a lovely, fleeting season.

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Alice McCrea October 3, 2015 - 11:06 pm

It is so cute to see your 2 younger ones play and have fun together.


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