Watching the Salmon Spawn at Hardy Falls in Peachland, BC

by Josée


Due to extensive flooding damage, the trail and bridges to the waterfall viewpoint are closed indefinitely. A recovery plan is being prepared but until repairs have been completed the trail will remain closed. The first bridge is open for those interested in watching the salmon spawn.


The Hardy Falls trail is short, easy and very pleasant. The hike to the falls takes about ten minutes at a leisurely pace, or fifteen to twenty minutes with young children who enjoy stopping to observe nature. The path up to the waterfall crosses over seven bridges, ends at a lookout and is stroller friendly. There are several spots with poison ivy along the trail so be aware of where you wander.

From mid-August to mid-October, the Kokanee salmon swim up the Hardy Falls creek for spawning. It draws quite a few excited onlookers as well as bears looking to fatten up for the winter. Because of the hungry bears, Hardy Falls can be closed for periods of time in the fall.

To witness the salmon run we joined an interpreter from the Environmental Education Centre For The Okanagan (EECO). The interpreter guided our group through the park and then spoke to the children about the life cycle of the Kokanee salmon. She even dissected a dead male Kokanee salmon for the children to look at. My eldest, who loves all things fish, was very enthralled and had plenty of fishy questions to ask her.

Directions: Hardy Falls is located on the south end of Peachland, British Columbia. The park entrance is located at the end of Hardy Road, by the Antler Beach Trailor Park. There is plenty of parking at the entrance of the park, as well as toilets and several picnic tables.

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