What I’m Into (November Edition)

by Josée

Books and Movies
Remembrance day has been the main inspiration for the books and movies that we have been enjoying this month. I recently finished reading The Nightingale and have started reading The Book Thief. To my children I have been reading some of our favourite remembrance themed picture books: Rose Blanche, A Bear in War, A Brave Soldier, Otto: The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear and Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion. I always get emotional while reading these books and require numerous dramatic pauses to blink back tears. The movies we have been watching include Bedknobs and BroomsticksThe Sound of Music and Nanny McPhee Returns, all of which are set during times of war. As for more mature films I recently discovered O Brother, Where Art Thou?, a quirky musical about three escaped convicts which is based on Homer’s Odyssey.

I enjoy a wide variety of music but every autumn I am drawn to the relaxing sounds of indie music and classical piano. A couple of my favourite playlists on 8tracks radio at this moment are When the Leaves Fall (Autumn Mix) and Rachmaninov. I was also surprised by Justin Beiber’s recently released album Purpose: The Movement. Some of the songs and the accompanying music videos, which feature various forms of dance, are different. I never thought I would admit to enjoying his music but I find myself re-listening to Sorry, I’ll Show You, Love Yourself an Life is Worth Living.

This month my children have discovered the magic of The Piano Guys (particularly this song) and the musical adventures of Classical Kids. They have been listening to Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage, Mozart’s Magic Fantasy and Mr. Bach Comes to Call.

The recent frost has put much of my garden to sleep and our meals have shifted to those comforting foods we crave so much in the winter. Apple-cinnamon oatmeal, hot bowls of tomato soup, delicious tray-baked chicken, chili and cornbread, cottage pie and bodacious beet and cabbage soup have been meals we have enjoyed in our home these past couple weeks.

Over the summer I completely purged my closet and drawers of clothing. This was largely the result of reading Lessons from Madame Chic. Then, because I really had no clothing left, I committed to purchasing several quality items that I could wear for the upcoming fall and winter. My criteria for selecting new clothes was that it had to be made in Canada and I had to love it enough to wear it weekly. I am quite picky about buying new clothing already, so adding these two criteria left me wondering if I would find anything to wear. Luckily, in my search for beautiful sustainable clothing clothing I discovered some great Canadian companies and designers. A few of my favourites include: Body Bag by Jude, Birds of North America, OÖM, MiikCherry Blossom Clothing and Second Clothing (Yoga Jeans). I also found a handy directory of Canadian designers.

Picture from www.shopbirdsofnorthamerica.com

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