by Josée
Instead of grumbling about the cold dark winter days, which is far too tempting at times, we have been making an effort to embrace the things that make winter special for us. When I start listing these favourite things in my mind I must admit that there are actually quite a few. Comforting foods, twinkling lights, soothing music, enthralling books, glittering crafts…these are just some of the indoors activities we enjoy at this time of year. But it is the wintry outdoors that truly captivates us, making it a magical time of year. 

Three of our favourite winter sports are skiing, skating and sledding. We make an effort to experience these fun activities each winter but now that my children are getting a little older it is becoming easier to go out more often and for longer duration. Recently we went up to Nickle Plate Nordic Centre for another morning of cross-country skiing. It was while we were there that we discovered a nice little sledding hill close to the rental shop. To my surprise my three children were eager to go sledding after a busy morning of cross-country skiing. I thought they would be too tired, but it seems that there is a special reserve of energy for sledding.

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Alice McCrea December 14, 2015 - 8:34 pm

Finally I can comment again. Wonderful what you are sharing about various activities as a Family and the beautiful photos. Thanks. Alice


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