Pond Skating

by Josée
Today is the epiphany, the last day of Christmas holidays. Our visitors have returned home and we are slowly rediscovering our daily rhythm. After all the excitement of the last couple weeks my children have become somewhat off-centered. For a few days our home was filled with plenty of sibling craziness, bickering, teasing and tear making. It seemed that too much of a good thing left unchecked has lead to a few problems and we have needed a period of readjustment. I have started to notice a pattern with times such as these but it always surprises me as to how difficult it can be. By taking some extra time to gather close and enjoy some quietness our home is slowly becoming more harmonious.

Along with our time of re-orientation, we are continuing to take advantage of these cooler winter days. There are two small ponds along the east side of Skaha lake that have recently frozen over. Keen to do some outdoor skating we brought everyone out after lunch. The ice was quite bumpy, our toes got chilly and we lasted but an hour. Regardless, we had fun and enjoyed warming up with a hot cup of cocoa afterwards. I hope that we have the chance to return again before it gets warmer.

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Alice McCrea January 4, 2016 - 6:43 pm

Thanks for the update.It is always a pleasure for me to read your blog and admire the photos. Good to have fun and relax. When are you coming to Kelowna?? Love Alice


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