Munson Pond Park

by Josée

Sometimes you don’t need to travel far to discover a unique ecosystem. For those who live in Kelowna, Munson Pond Park is one such place. After making several stops in Kelowna, my children were in need of a nature break so we looked for the closest park and stumbled upon Munson Pond Park.

This unique ten hectare wetland is currently being improved by the constructions of a parking area, fences, walkways, bridges and signage. The first phase of construction seemed nearly complete on our walk through the park at end of March (2016). We enjoyed a stroll along the new walkways and were excited to discover evidence of a resident beaver and spot a beautiful heron. The easy walk took us about an hour at a very leisurely pace. Munson Pond Park is a great place to discover nature with children. Next time we will bring our binoculars!

Munson Pond Park can be accessed a couple ways. The new parking lot is located on Munson Road, accessed from Benvoulin Road. Another entry is located at the end of Burtch Road, off K.L.O. Road.

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