Garden Journal (yr 4: vol 2)

by Josée

For the past couple years I have started my tomato and pepper seeds indoors mid-March; it is usually this time of year that the gardening itch begins. But by the beginning of May the seedlings are too huge! So this year I delayed starting the seeds until the end of March. On March 30th, to be exact, I planted one flat of tomatoes, one flat of sweet peppers and one flat with a mix of spicy peppers, basil, parsley and leeks. This year the tomatoes I planted included: Jaune Flamme, Gardener’s Delight, Kellog’s Breakfast, Indigo Rose, Opalka, Heidi, Super Fantastic, Pink Bumble Bee and Red Brandywine. Most of these seeds I had saved from previous years but I did purchase Pink Bumble BeeOpalka and Heidi were given to me. I also planted a mix of sweet pepper: Chocolate Beauty, Sweet Twingo, Orange Sun, California Wonder, Gypsy, Sweet Banana and Pepperoncini and hot peppers: Chile de Arbol, Ancho, Jalapeno. I have finally learned that it is better to have more sweet peppers than spicy peppers.

My children had their own tray to plant this year. My eldest planted pumpkin, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower seeds and my daughter planted an assortment of pretty flowers. I am particularly fond of the many pencils they’ve used to stake their plants. I don’t think there are any pencils left for writing, which might be part of some secret plan.

At the beginning of April I planted peas, spinach and radishes outside. My peas came up beautifully but as soon as I took off the cover the quail started to devours them. Those pesky birds! The radishes are growing well, apparently quail don’t eat radish leaves. The spinach is (once again) so pitiful I think I will give up on it. I haven’t planted anything else outside despite the record breaking warm weather we experienced last week (around 30°C!). My garden beds have been needing more soil and I have just started the hard work of replenishing them one wheelbarrow at a time.

Around the rest of the yard fruit trees are blooming beautiful pinks and whites. The peach tree is thriving and was covered in blooms this year. The daffodils and tulips have bloomed and now we are enjoying purple and white flowers on our wisteria and lilacs. Goodness how I love spring!

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Alice McCrea April 25, 2016 - 4:31 pm

This is a busy time of the year again for you. I would not recommend that you wheel to many of the soil barrels because of your back, maybe your hubby if he is home could help you for that (Just a thought). Thanks for the sharing, the garden looks super.


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