Biking Through Pacific Spirit Regional Park

by Josée


I spent four years studying at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and not once did I explore the nearby Pacific Spirit Regional Park. It’s a shame really, because this 763 hectare park of preserved lush forest has a fabulous network of multi-use trails perfect for biking, hiking, running and walking.

There are three main sections of this large park: south, west and north, and many entry points to each sections. Here is a map. We parked along West 16th Avenue, between Wesbrook Mall and Blanca Street, which is the south end of the park and started our biking adventure at Salish Trail. I should mention that there are some trails that are for hikers only, but they are clearly indicated as such. During our bike ride we explore portions of Salish Trail, Iron Knee Trail, Long Trail, Clinton Trail, Sasamat Trail and Hemlock Trail. Overall we found that the trails were easy to ride except for some rocky spots and one steep gravelly stretch up Clinton Trail. All the trails we explored were well marked making it fun for our children to ride up ahead, read the maps and choose our course.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park is a great place to introduce children to trail biking and hiking. The easy trail system that winds through this dense forest of gigantic trees is magical for children and adults alike and should not be missed!

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