Hiking in Rose Valley Regional Park

by Josée

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Rose Valley Regional Park is a 250 hectare park with an extensive network of trails located in West Kelowna, BC. There are several parking areas that access the park along Westlake Road and West Kelowna Road but the most commonly used parking lot, and the one I recommend for a family hike, is located just past Peak Point Road on Westlake Road. At this parking lot there is a detailed information kiosk that highlights four well marked trails throughout the park. There are actually many more trails in the park and you can find more information about them through the the Sweet Single Tracks website/app. From the kiosk, however, the Yellow Bell Loop trail is the most accessible trail. The Yellow Bell Loop trail is a moderately difficult 3.1 km trail, that starts at the kiosk, climbs up the hill to a great viewpoint of Kelowna, BC and then loops back around down to the parking lot.

We hiked the Yellow Bell Loop trail in a counter-clockwise direction to get to the viewpoint more quickly and enjoy our lunch. Along the first part of the trail we could see the houses, Goldie’s Pond and elementary school along Westlake Road but as the trail climbed the hill all evidence of civilization disappeared. Eventually, the only sounds we could hear were those of hundred of grasshoppers hiding in the grass. At the viewpoint we were all pleased by the fabulous view of Kelowna and had a picnic in the shade of a lone tree. There is a bench at the viewpoint that faces east and I imagine this spot would be fabulous to watch the sun rise. The way back down to the parking lot was much quicker, as it always is. During midday, which is when we were hiking, the trail was partially shaded except for an exposed a portion that runs along the top of the hill. The hike was a warm but not unbearable on a cloudy 28°C day. The trail was also so well marked by yellow flags that our youngest could easily find his way. The entire loop took us two hours to complete which included a picnic lunch at the top. And if anyone was wondering, my youngest dressed himself for the hike. Apparently, he hikes in style!

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