My Children’s Favourite Beach in the South Okanagan

by Josée

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We enjoy exploring the beaches throughout the Okanagan Valley, but we definitely have a preference for those of the South Okanagan. Some of our favourite beaches and places to swim in this area are: Pioneer Park in Kaleden, Kenyon Park in Okanagan Falls, the swimming holes of Vaseux Lake and Gallagher Lake. The water at these spots tends to be warmer than that of the big Okanagan Lake and the beaches are often less busy.

But which beach is my children’s favourite? When it’s time to go to the beach the first question I get from my kids is “which beach?” soon followed by “can we go to the beach in Okanagan Falls (Kenyon Park)? Please! Please! Please!”. Right now, this is their favourite beach and when I asked them why, these were their answers:

Youngest Son (4): Because there’s a castle! I mean a big playground!

Daughter (6): Because the water’s warm, there’s a big play set and there’s clay.

Eldest Son (8): There’s a lot to play with there like the tires, rocks and clay. I like swimming there and digging in the clay.

To clarify, the beach at Kenyon Park is covered in sand, not clay, but my kids have discovered that if you dig deep enough you can find clay in some spots. They make a game of extracting the clay and forming it into objects to dry in the sun. The water at this beach tends to be warm and is quite shallow for a long ways which is great for younger children. Kenyon Park also has a nice play-set, small spray park, picnic shelter and tables, flush toilets and a grocery store within walking distance from the park. Truly, this is a great family beach and a special place for children to explore.

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Jo-Ann August 19, 2016 - 8:38 pm

One of our favourite beaches too! 🙂


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