Life at Ness Lake

by Josée

The drive up north takes us a whole day but once we’ve arrived the long journey is quickly forgotten. Prince George is my hometown but it isn’t until we’ve arrived at Ness Lake, about 35 km north-west of Prince George, that I truly feel at home. My husband’s family purchased a cabin on Ness Lake about twenty years ago and because our families were quite close I spent a lot of time hanging out at the lake growing up. I have so many memories of time spent at here, so many beautiful memories of celebration and love. In fact, I believe it was the place where I first took noticed of my now husband (he looked so good riding on that wakeboard! In fact, he still does!).

Now that we live further away our time spent at the Lake is that much more special and treasured. The moment we arrive our children disappear, off to explore, and there is plenty to do and explore here. Our days pass quickly, too quickly, filled with swimming, watersports, fishing, quadding, kayaking, gaming and visiting. Time flows fast but we hang on to each special moment.

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