Hope and Light

by Josée


It’s cold outside. There’s no denying that winter is here. Right now the coveted spot in our home is by the woodstove. There’s always at least one person curled up there, sometimes two or three. For the last couple weeks we’ve been spending a lot of time at home. As the days grow shorter I find myself drawing inwards, seeking quiet and stillness. These desires are such a contrast to the crazed excitement leading up to Christmas that it can seem strange to step away.

For the four weeks before Christmas we embrace Advent, a time of slow preparation for the joyful celebration of Christmas. We cuddle by the fire and read books, make little gifts and simply be. As the darkness closes in around us, this time together feels necessary and right. Soon winter solstice will be here, the longest night of the year and after that Christmas, hope and light. I’m ready.

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