I Don’t Want Winter to End!

by Josée

There are only six weeks of winter left and for the first time, in a long time, I don’t want winter to end!

I enjoy winter, I really do, but for the last however many years (since having children) winters have felt difficult. The darkness, cold, sicknesses and challenge of getting everyone dressed and outside always left me feeling exhausted. I would count down the days until spring, dreaming of better things to come. So why, all of a sudden, am I feeling a sad that winter is rushing by? Wait what!

I feel like our family has truly learned to embrace winter. Not just, “ya, ok I accept this season…” but “woohoo! winter is here!”. We were really excited for winter to come this year. A big part of this excitement came from our decision to take on downhill skiing for the first time. This decision was a big one and we fully committed to it. I’m happy to report that learning a new winter activity together has been awesome! Since December we’ve been on the slopes almost every weekend and in January we rented a little mountain cabin that has become our weekend retreat. With so much going on at home it feels good to get away, breathe deep that cold mountain air and spend time with each other.

Now, I don’t think embracing winter means you have to learn to downhill ski or spend your weekends at a cabin. What I do think, however, is if you want your family to love winter you need to spend time with it. It’s like making a friend. The more time you spend with winter the more you will notice its beauty and discover all the fun things you can do with it. So don’t be shy, pull on those boots and step outside. You might discover that winter is a fabulous friend to have.

Happy Adventuring!

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