Slackcountry Cup at Baldy Mountain Resort

by Josée

Slackcountry Cup is a premier snowboarding event put on by Pentagon Boardshop, Ride Snowboards, Baldy Mountain Resort as well as others. For the main event, snowboarders ride through the easy-to-reach backcountry on Baldy Mountain showing off their freestyle skills to judges and professional photographers. This is the third year that Baldy Mountain Resort has hosted Slackcountry Cup and for a good reason, it has awesome terrain for this kind of event!

The buzz for the Slaccountry Cup had been steadily building over the last couple weeks. I didn’t register as one of the official photographers but kind of snuck in as the Baldy Reporter (with some help) to cover the event. There were some awesome photographers out there, like Preserved Light Photography who took away first place for best photos. Next year, however, I may just register… I just need a bigger zoom lens… and some lighting gear.

And although my snowboarding days are far behind me (it’s been almost 20 years) it was an awesome event to watch. The jumps were epic and the bails groan worthy. At night snowboarders and skiers competed in a hip jam, a jumping competition, and some of the competitors were in various states of undress. My son asked me if the naked guy got extra points for going nude… I hope he did because he sure looked cold! Ha-ha!

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