Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions! Choose One Word

by Josée

Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions! Pick One Word Instead.

When the New Year rolls around, millions of people from around the world make New Year’s Resolutions.

“This is the year I’m going to get fit!”

“I want to lose weight.”

“My resolution is to save money and travel the world.”

“I’m going to spend more time with my family.”

Of all the resolutions made each New Year, only 8% of people actually achieve them.One of the secrets to making a good resolution is to keep it simple, which is why choosing One Word is taking the world by storm. The One Word revolution is exactly what it sounds like. Pick one word at the beginning of the year as your guide and inspiration to becoming a better version of yourself.

Why waste time proving over and over how great you are, when you could be getting better? Why hide deficiencies instead of overcoming them? Why look for friends or partners who will just shore up your self-esteem instead of ones who will also challenge you to grow? And why seek out the tried and true, instead of experiences that will stretch you? –Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Benefits of One Word:

  • Simple.
  • Easy to remember.
  • Overarching.
  • Flexible.
  • Gives Focus.

How to Pick One Word:

1. Reflect on your life this last year.

What were some of the challenges you faced this year? What did you find frustrating? What are the things that you wish you could change about yourself or your situation?

2. Imagine the person you want to become. 

Ignore what others have said about you in the past, or what you’ve said to yourself in the past. You have the capacity to stretch, grow and change. How do you want to change? Who do you want to become? Imagine your changed self. What are the traits, values and behaviours that this new version of yourself has?

3. Pick One Word.

After reflecting on the past and imagining yourself in the future, pick one word that will be your guide and inspiration to becoming that version of yourself. Sometimes the word is obvious, sometimes it’s subtle. If you’re feeling brave talk to your partner, children, family or friends about word suggestions. If you need word ideas here are several great websites:

My One Word Story:

I have been picking One Word for seven years now. The first year I chose the word CHERISH. I had two little ones under the age of three that year, and another on the way. My word helped me focus on beautiful moments during a period in my life that was very difficult and messy.

In 2015 I picked the word BALANCE. I shared my word with my family and they keep me accountable the whole year long. This was the year that I made time for getting fit, a habit that I’ve continued to this day.

Last year, I chose the word FEARLESS and it was a year of conquering my fears in big and little ways.

This year my One Word is PRIORITY. I want to keep my priorities in check this year. Saying yes to the things I value and no to those I do not.

What will be your One Word?

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  1.  Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s How They Do It.

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