22 Ways Kids Can Save Water

by Josée

On March 22nd we celebrate World Water Day. This is a very important day where we remembers how important it is for everyone to have clean drinking water and how to take care of our water. These days everyone is talking about water: scientists, conservationists, community leaders, school teachers, parents and even kids! That’s right! Kids don’t need to wait until they grow up to start taking care of our precious water; they can start now. To celebrate World Water Day here are 22 ways that kids can help save water.

(This post is written for kids and their parents, teachers and caregivers.)

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Post last updated September 2022.

22 Ways Kids Can Save Water

1. Learn about water and why it’s important.

Why is water so important? Learn about water from library books, your teachers, your parents or from the internet. Ask lots of questions!

CLICK HERE for my list of picture books about water for kids:

Some of my favourite water themed picture books for kids are:

2. Don’t flush the toilet.

“If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.” If you haven’t learned this rhyme, then now’s the time (another rhyme!). What this little rhyme means is that when you’re at home, don’t flush the toilet if it’s just pee… otherwise… flush it down! Parents: Of course, it’s good to remind your kids that when out in public, it’s good manners to flush the toilet regardless of yellow or brown.

3. Re-Wear those clothes.

While I wouldn’t recommend turning your undies inside out, let your clothes get nice and dirty before actually throwing them in the wash. Parents: Show your kids how to check their clothes at night time and re-wear clothes that are still mostly clean.

4. Don’t bathe so much.

Did you know that you only need a bath once or twice a week, unless you’re really dirty (think: covered in mud). I don’t know about you, but my kids would rather not bathe at all. Parents: Fewer baths are not only a water-saving win but a parenting win too!

5. Share your bath.

If you’re too little for showers then have a bath and share your bath water with your siblings, parents or dog.

6. Reuse your bath water for plants.

Don’t let your bath water go down the drain. Scoop it up with buckets and use it to water plants and trees.

7. Take speedy showers.

Showers use way less water than baths. Learn how to take a speedy shower. Parents: Teaching younger kids to take showers can be tricky, but it can be done.

8. Reuse your towel.

Use the same towel for at least a week. Remember you should be clean after your shower and if you hang your towel to dry it will be ready and waiting.

9. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

Don’t let the water run while you’re brushing your teeth. Turning off the tap saves a lot of water.

10. Be a leak detective!

Train your ears to pick up the sound of dripping water and become a water saving super heroes by tightening up leaky taps.

11. Help fill the dishwasher.

Dishwashers use less water than washing dishes by hand. Help scrape dishes and fill the dishwasher… and empty it too!

12. Have a special water cup or bottle.

Don’t grab a new cup every time you feel thirsty, instead have a special water cup or bottle that you can refill throughout the day. This way there will be fewer dishes to wash.

13. Fill your cup half-ways.

When you reach for a cup of water, only fill it half-ways to avoid wasting water.

14. Get cold water from the fridge.

Running to tap for cold water is wasteful, instead learn to fill a pitcher with water and cool it in the fridge.

15. Don’t throw out old water.

Don’t waste old water from cups and water bottles by pouring it down the drain. Instead, use it to water plants (inside or outside).

16. Drink water instead of juice.

It takes a lot of water to make juice. Did you now that it takes 200 liters of water to make one glass of orange juice?

17. Wash your apple in a bowl of water.

Instead of washing your fruits and veggies under running water use a container or bowl filled with water instead. When you’re done use the water for plants.

18. Grow your own food.

Get your parents to stop watering the lawn and use that water for growing things you can eat instead. Growing your own food is a lot of fun and a better way to use water.

19. Give up the water guns.

Water guns are fun but they waste water.

20. Collect rain water.

With the help of a parent, set up a rain water barrel to catch rain water. Plants love rain water.

21. Wash your bike with a bucket and rag.

Save water by using a bucket and a rag to wash your bike instead of spraying it with a bunch of water with the hose.

22. Remember that YOU are a water saver!

Even if you are a kid you can save water just like grown-ups!

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