5 Must-Do Fall Activities that Will Get Kids Outside

by Josée

Happy Fall my Friends! It’s that time of year again. Nature is displaying its fiery fall colours and birds are migrating south. As the weather cools, we are desperately digging out coats, toques, mitts and boots for our kids only to discover that our children have outgrown everything – yet again!

It’s also that time of year where everyone seems to be getting sicks. Sniffles and coughs are autumn’s tune.

Ah yes, the struggles of fall are real and can leave us huddled indoors waiting for spring to arrive.

As tempting as it can be, our kids are much better off stepping outside into that cool fall air. Time outside keeps their bodies better able to take the onslaught of germs going around.  Fall sunshine helps keep their immune systems healthy and tromping through leaves, mud and maybe even snow (!) gets their blood flowing and warding off colds and flus.

Plus there are so many other benefits to getting our kids outside.

But, if you and your child are somewhat reluctant to go outdoors this fall, here are five must-do activities that are sure to spark interest in heading out the door.

1. Get Your Child a Fall Nature Adventure Journal.

I recently developed a Fall Nature Adventure Journal for kids between the ages of 7 and 12. I created this special journal to spark children’s curious and wonder of the natural world during the season of fall. The journal is an eBook printable (120 pages) with thirteen (13) nature and science inspired lessons that get kids outside. There’s also a really great parent’s guide that comes with the journal that includes more fall activities and fall book lists.

For more information, reviews and samples: Fall Nature Adventure Journal.

2. Join the #FallOutside 30-Day Motivation.

Fall Outside is 30 days of motivation and inspiration to get you and your child outside connecting with nature during one of the most difficult months of the year: November! November can be dark and dreary. The magical colours of fall have started to fade away, the days are short and there are often dark clouds on the horizon. Many of us want to wish November away in exchange for the that first magical snowfall, those first ski days and the excitement of the holiday season.

But we shouldn’t just sit around wishing the November away! There is so much to see and explore in November, even if it takes a bit more effort to discover it. That is exactly what Fall Outside is all about: making the extra effort to get outside, in November, whatever the weather.

#FallOutside2018 starts on November 1, 2018. For more information: Fall Outside 2018 or SIGN-UP HERE.

ps. Sign up for #FallOutside2018 and get a COUPON CODE for my Fall Nature Adventure Journal. Yippee!

3. Explore Nature by Geocaching or Doing a Fall Scavenger Hunt.

If you haven’t tried Geocaching, fall is a good time to give it a try.  Geocaching is a real world treasure hunt!  People hide caches for others to find. Geocaching is a great fall activity because it gets you outside exploring new spots and after trees and bushes have lost their leaves sometimes finding caches can a bit easier.

If your child is a bit too young for Geocaching, then how about a fall scavenger hunt! Click here for a FREE FALL NATURE SCAVENGER HUNT PRINTABLE

4. Build a Fort Out of Sticks and Leaves.

Kids love to build forts and fall is a great time to build one. Usually at this time of year there are sticks and leaves a plenty!  Gather some sticks and piles of leaves and make a Leaf Hut or a Wicki-Up in your backyard, or in a nearby nature area. My oldest son still remembers building his first nature shelter at five years old, and still loves to build them at ten years old. Of course, nature can handle children but please be kind and don’t build forts on private property, in sensitive nature areas (conservation areas) or in parks (national, state or provincial) unless you have permission to do so.

5. Start a Fall Nature Collection.

Fall is one of my favourite seasons for collecting nature. There are so many colorful leaves just waiting to be picked up. You can preserve your leaves by dipping them in melted beeswax or pressing them between some heavy books. There are also plenty of nuts, seeds (like milkweed and maple seeds), rocks and sticks to collect. Bring your nature finds indoors and decorate a nature table or make a nature art: fun ideas here.

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