How to Make a Nature Ice Wreath

by Josée

Brrrrr…. it’s cold outside! An artic outflow has blanketed our town with chilly weather. It’s been so cold outside that our time in nature has been limited, especially with the baby. Despite the deep freeze my children and I have been embracing this cold weather and connecting with nature by making beautiful Nature Ice Wreaths. Nature Ice Wreaths have been all the rage on social media the last few years. What’s not to love? They’re easy to make, nature friendly and they look gorgeous. It’s a lovely winter project for those chilly winter days.


  • A bunt pan or tube pan for a large wreath and/or silicone donut molds for mini-wreaths* (see note)
  • Thick ribbon or twine.
  • Colourful nature materials (anything goes but here’s what we typically use):
    • Orange and yellow: Sliced citrus fruit (orange, lemon)
    • Red: Cranberries, rose hips, berries from nature
    • Green: Evergreen branches, leaves, sliced lime
    • Brown: Small pinecones or star anise

Helpful Notes

Ice molds: It’s possible to make a nature ice wreaths in a cake pans, large ice cream pail or other circular containers by placing and weighing down a cup in the center to create a whole. Another option is to add a thick ribbon or twine into the water and make a nature ice “pane” or “window”.

Using Birdseeds: While it’s tempting to transform a nature ice wreath into a type of birdfeeder, freezing seeds in ice isn’t the best way of helping birds in the winter. The seeds are difficult for birds to access and will get wet and moldy as the ice thaws. Try making these birdseed ornaments instead.

Using non-natural materials: Avoid using plastic or other non-natural materials so that anything that falls to ground when the ornament melts can decompose and not harm wildlife.


  1. Gather and prepare all your materials.
  2. For mini ice wreaths made in silicone donut molds add materials in one layer.
  3. For a large ice wreath made in a bunt pan or tube pan, it’s easier to work in layers. Fill the bottom of the Bundt or tube pan with evergreen branches. Add slices of citrus fruit, cranberries and pinecones or star anise on top of the evergreens.
  4. Fill the mold with water until all the materials are just covered.
  5. Set the mold outside to freeze (or in your deep freeze if it’s too warm outside).
  6. Remove from the mold using warm water.
  7. Hang outside and enjoy!

More Tips

Getting rid of cloudy or bumpy ice: If your Nature Ice Wreath freezes cloudy or the ice on top is bumpy and rough, run some warm water over the top of the ice wreath to melt the ice a bit. Once you’re happy with how it looks set it back outside to freeze. It’s an easy fix!

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