40+ Nature-Inspired Spring Crafts for Kids

by Josée

Spring is flowers blooming, birds building nests, green grass growing and rainbows after rainstorms. This season offers a kaleidoscope of inspiration and new abundance for nature-inspired crafting. In our home, spring crafting is approached with the earth in mind. My children and I strive to use materials that are natural, recyclable and high quality. We choose crafts that connect us to nature and to one another. This round-up of spring crafts strives to consider all these things and highlight projects from my own collection as well as crafts from some of my favourite crafting contributors from around the world. If you know of a craft that should be added to this list please tell me about in the comments section below.

Birds, Eggs and Nests

In the springtime, starting in early March, millions of birds migrate from their winter homes to their summer nesting spots. Spring migration is wonderful opportunity to observe birds in nearby nature and be inspired by their unique characteristics and traits. Below are some of my children’s favourite bird, egg and nest inspired crafts:


Dandelions are a telltale sign that spring has truly arrived. This common “weed” is one of nature’s wonderful gifts to pollinators and insects in the spring. When harvesting dandelions for this project a good rule of thumb is to harvest one dandelion for every ten blooming. That way there’s plenty left for pollinators.

Dandelions can be used in crafting to:

Mud and More

Spring rains soak the earth bringing forth new life and plenty of mud to play in. Mud might not be the first art medium you reach for when planning a craft for your child, but using mud to create art is both ancient and traditional. Many pigments we have today come from mud and clay (which is mud) has been used for tens of thousands of years to create pots and art.


Planting seeds is a springtime activity that is much loved in our home. I am always amazed by how a small seed can grow into a healthy vibrant plant when properly nurtured. Seed crafts can be wonderful for sensory learning and helping the planet.

Spring Flowers: Daffodils, Snowdrops, Tulips, Crocuses and Violets

Early spring flowers bring pops of colours to the grey winter landscape and give us hope that spring is just around the corner. My favourite early spring flowers are daffodils and tulips. They’re so cheery and colourful. Here are some lovely spring flower inspired crafts to try with your child:

Family favourite: Love + Joy’s Journey Through The Seasons Spring Craft Bundle

This spring my children and I have discovered a special spring crafting resource from Maplerose, a small mom-run business in Nelson, BC. This resource is the Love+Joy’s Journey Through The Seasons Spring Bundle and it’s filled with nine unique Walford inspired spring crafts, special spring stories, art cards and many lovely inspirations and insights. My children and I love this resource. Each craft teaches unique crafting techniques, uses beautiful earth friendly materials and is made to last. We proudly display each craft on our nature table! If you’re looking for meaningful spring crafts that will bring spring cheer to your home then be sure to check out this lovely resource.

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