Outdoor Easter Activities for Kids and Families

by Josée

Easter is a joyful celebration a new life that takes place on the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon, the full moon on or after the spring equinox. This means that Easter is a moving holiday and can take place anytime between March 22nd and April 25th, the first month of spring! While there are many fun traditions for celebrating Easter, spending some time outdoors to notice spring flowers painting the ground in yellows, purples and pinks, birds building nests for their eggs and trees setting out their fresh new leaves can amplify the joy of this holiday. Enjoying some outdoor activities on Easter also give your families and kids time slow down and celebrate the gift of new beginnings together.

In this article I’m going to share with you a list of ten outdoor activities you can do with your children and family to celebrate Easter.

10 Outdoor Easter Activities for Kids and Families

1. Go on an Easter nature walk

Head into nearby nature to soak in some spring sunshine or splash in puddles. Explore a trail close to home or head to a park and wander in nature. Don’t worry about how far you get or even how long you spend outside, instead simply slow down and notice nature with your family. If you aren’t sure what to do or what to look for, use my signs of spring printable as a guide.

Easter Nature Walk Tips

  • Nature is all around you no matter where you live. Yes, even in bustling cities you can find nature. Look for nature at a nearby park, trail or around your neighbourhood. Notice the trees, plants growing along sidewalks or vines creeping up buildings.
  • Follow your child’s lead. Observe nature through the eyes of your child. I promise that a whole new world will open before your eyes.
  • Let you child get dirty! Let your child dig in the dirt, get stuck in mud and splash in puddles. If you want to protect your child’s clothing get some waterproof outer layers like this rain gear from Reima or this waterproof raingear from Jan & Jul.
  • Give your child permission to collect sticks, rocks, shells and even flowers where it is appropriate.
  • Slow down and be present. Put your phone into airplane mode and tuck it away.

2. Do an Easter nature scavenger hunt

Print off this free Easter Nature Scavenger Hunt and see how many things you can find in nearby nature on Easter day!

3. Visit a botanical or ornamental garden

Delight in the beauty of spring blooms by taking your family to a botanical or ornamental garden in your community. Get up close with the bloom and breath in their fragrant scents. If your family likes to take Easter photos this would be a perfect opportunity to do it.

4. Get close to animals at a local petting farm

Visit a local farm or petting zoo to get close to animals. Spring time on the farm is exciting. Baby animals are being born, crops are being planted and fruit trees are in bloom. Some local farms even put on special Easter events for families and children.

5. Participate in a community Easter egg hunt

Many community organizations and local churches host outdoor Easter egg hunts that are free to participate in. A quick Internet search should point you in the right direction. Participating in a community Easter egg hunt is a great way to get your kids outside and running around with other children.

6. Make an Easter nature craft

My family loves making on the weekend of Easter and we try to make crafts that are earth-friendly. What that means is we try to avoid crafts that use plastic and opt for materials that can be recycled, composted or returned to the earth. There are many wonderful and beautiful crafts that can made from eggs, clay, wool, sticks and more. Here are some suggestions:

7. Enjoy an Easter picnic at the park

Pack up a lunch or some special snacks and head to a local park for an Easter picnic. Easter picnics are a popular activity for families in different parts of the world, like Italy where they bring along soccer balls to play with and Pastiera di Grana (Italian Easter pie) to eat. Here are some Easter picnic ideas if you’re looking for some inspiration:

8. Compete in an egg race

Have some fun with running around with eggs by doing a family egg race. For a traditional egg race, players have to place a hard boiled egg on a spoon and walk or run a distance without dropping the egg. If the egg is dropped the player has to restart from the beginning or gets eliminated. To make an egg race more challenging for older kids or adults, hold the spoon handle between lips. To make this race easier for younger children, use a large spoon or hold the egg in hands instead.

9. Try egg lawn rolling or bowling

Dye or decorate hard boil eggs or wooden eggs so that each player has their own distinctive egg. Place a marker on the lawn. This market could be a stuffed bunny, chocolate bunny or white egg. Have all players stand the same distance away from the marker and take turns rolling the egg towards the marker. The player that gets the closest to the marker wins!

10. Attend an Easter parade

Get outside and celebrate Easter by attending a community Easter parade. Easter parades are quite popular in the United States but not as popular in Canada. To find the closest parade near you, a quick Internet search should do the trick.

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