About Me

Hello! Bonjour! Nice to meet you.

My name is Josée, and I am a French Canadian mama of three young children. I grew up in the northern interior of British Columbia where I spent my childhood years exploring the vast wilderness of Western Canada with my family. Adventuring, exploring and connecting with the natural world has become an important part of who I am and it is something that I want to pass on to my children. These days my little family and I live in the sunny South Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada. We are a curious bunch and enjoy exploring new places both near and far. Our adventures are mostly contained to the western provinces of Canada, but as our children get a little older we are expanding our horizons and exploring countries beyond our own.

I hope our family adventures inspire you to set out and discover nature in your own area! I am always excited to hear stories from families adventuring both near and far, so if you have a story to share please contact me.

Happy Adventuring!