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What is My Nature Adventure Journal?

My Nature Adventure Journal is a seasonally inspired nature curriculum that’s geared towards kids between the ages of 8 and 12. This
nature curriculum comes in four editions: FALL, WINTER, SPRING and SUMMER, and is written in a journal format that invites your child outside to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the natural world.

I love how the Fall Nature Adventure Journal encourages my kids to have weekly outdoor adventures and discover the world around them. Today we rode our bikes to a pond and tried to catch tiny fish and bugs with our bare hands. Then we wrote about it in the field notes section of the Fall Adventure Journal. – Susan Strayer from Mountain Mom and Tots

Why buy this journal for your child?

Kids are innately curious about nature. From a young age children like to gather sticks and rocks, play in mud, climb trees and catch bugs. As kids start getting older spending time outside continues to be very important. Studies are showing that when kids spend regular time outside they are healthier, happier and smarter! This journal is all about getting kids outside to explore, discover and connect with nature on a regular basis.

Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives. – Thomas Berry

What does My Nature Adventure Journal include?

Each eBook edition of My Nature Adventure Journal includes:

  • Thirteen (13) nature and science inspired lessons that get kids outside.
  • Nature-inspired stories and poems.
  • Hand-drawn zentangle colouring pages and nature science diagrams.
  • A glossary.
  • A parent’s guide with recommendations for more activities and book lists.

My Nature Adventure Journal SPRING – Buy Now!

My Nature Adventure Journal WINTER – Buy Now!

My Nature Adventure Journal FALL – Buy Now!

I Want to Know More!

Sure! When putting together My Nature Adventure Journal I wanted to create an invitation for kids and families to go outside into nature. Here are more details about this nature curriculum.

Seasonally Inspired

Just as nature follows the rhythm of the seasons, so does My Nature Adventure JournalIt comes in four separate journals, one for fall, winter, spring and summer.

Lessons in Nature

Each edition of My Nature Adventure Journal includes thirteen (13) lessons, one for each week of the season. The lessons begin with a nature-inspired story or poem, explore a nature science topic, and then invite children to go outside to explore and observe nature. At the end of each lesson there is also a section for deepening a child’s knowledge about nature.

Child Led Learning

My Nature Adventure Journal is a flexible curriculum. Each lesson stands alone. Children are encouraged to choose the topic that engages them the most and go from there. When kids take initiative in their learning they often will be more motivated and curious.

Parent/Educator Support

When you purchase My Nature Adventure Journal  you will also receive a guide that goes along with the journal. This guide will provide recommendations for more activities as well as book lists for each topic.

When I first downloaded My Nature Adventure Journal, I was thrilled to see that we didn’t only receive the journal but useful parenting notes also. There were so many golden tips and resource ideas inside, that alone was so helpful to me as a busy parent. Then I opened the My Nature Adventure Journal! It’s jam-packed with prompts to get your kids, not only outside, but thinking, reflecting and appreciating the natural world around them. If your child loves nature, they will adore My Nature Adventure Journal!’ – Penny Whitehouse from Mother Natured

My Nature Adventure Journal SPRING – Buy Now!

My Nature Adventure Journal WINTER – Buy Now!

My Nature Adventure Journal FALL – Buy Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a sample?

Sure! Here’s a sample lesson from the eBook.

My Nature Adventure Journal: FALL – SAMPLE 

My Nature Adventure Journal: WINTER – SAMPLE 

My Nature Adventure Journal: SPRING – SAMPLE

What ages are My Nature Adventure Journal targeted towards?

My Nature Adventure Journal is written for children between the ages of eight and twelve (8 to 12), however you know your child best. The journal does incorporate a decent amount of writing and sketching. Some children as young as six or seven may enjoy this journal as well as those in their early teens.

Is My Nature Adventure Journal for homeschoolers or schoolers?

This journal is intended for all children regardless of their educational path.

Why did you develop the My Nature Adventure Journal series?

As a parent and a home educator of my three children, I wanted to create a nature curriculum that was science-based but also an invitation to deepen children’s connection and knowledge of nature by getting kids outside in nature. This curriculum is not “busy work” but truly a child-led approach to giving older children the opportunity to explore, discover and connect with nature.

Is My Nature Adventure Journal only for kids in the Northern Hemisphere?

While this curriculum was developed in Canada, it was written for children in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

How do I get the eBook?

After you’ve purchased the eBook you will be able to download the eBook immediately. You will also receive an e-mail which contains the download link. Be sure to save the download directly to your phone, tablet or computer.

How should I print the eBook?

You can print the entire eBook and have it ring bound at your local print shop, or simply print it and put into a binder. Another option is to print off the lessons as needed. The eBook only uses black ink.

Is there a printed version of this eBook?

At this time only an eBook is available, but if there’s enough demand I will look into getting printed copies made out.

What other resources or supplies do I need to use My Nature Adventure Journal?

All you need is the eBook, a pencil, a curious child and access to the outdoors. That’s it! Any extras, such as books or supplies for the activities listed in the parent guide are completely optional.

When will the other editions (winter, spring and summer) be released?

My Nature Adventure Journal – Fall (120 pages)

My Nature Adventure Journal – Winter (113 pages)

My Nature Adventure Journal – Spring (161 pages)

My Nature Adventure Journal – Summer: Available Late Spring 2019

Can I share the eBook with my friends?

I’m so glad you and your child enjoy My Nature Adventure Journal so much that you’d like to share it. However, I ask that you please encourage your friends to purchase the eBook directly from this website. A great deal of time and effort has gone into creating this resource and making it affordable for all. Also, every purchase of this eBook goes towards helping children and families get outside and connect with nature.

Can I review your nature curriculum?

Yes please! I have a set number of FREE copies available for parents and educators to review. If you would like to receive a FREE copy of my eBook in exchange for a review please email

What if my child doesn’t like the journal?

Sometimes a curriculum or program isn’t a good fit for our child. I understand that completely. If you or your child is unsatisfied with the journal please email me directly at within thirty (30) days and I can set up a refund.

My Nature Adventure Journal SPRING – Buy Now!

My Nature Adventure Journal WINTER – Buy Now!

My Nature Adventure Journal FALL – Buy Now!