Okanagan Trail Map

How to use the Okanagan Trail Map and Chart

Hello! Welcome to my interactive map of trails in the Central and South Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. If you’re looking for a family friendly Okanagan adventure you’ve come to right place! Click on the map’s dots to discover new trails or use the graph below to make your search easier. You can sort the graph by location, distance, duration etc. by clicking on the top bar. The trails on the map and in the graph are the same, they’re just presented differently, and each trails links to a separate page with more information.

Before setting out on your Okanagan adventure it’s important to be prepared: 9 Tips for Hiking Safely with Children. And while you’re out exploring be safe and most importantly have fun!

I will be adding new hikes to this list on a regular basis, so be sure to check back often, or sign up for email notification so that you never miss a new adventure. If you have any questions or comments about this map please email josee@backwoodsmama.com. Happy Adventuring!

TrailPhotoLocationDistanceDurationDifficultyRatingBest SeasonFeatures
Canyon Falls ParkalttextKelowna, BC1.5 km1.0 hour★★★●●●●Spring, Summer, FallCanyon, Creek, Waterfall
Ellis Creek: Canyon View TrailalttextPenticton, BC2.2 km1.0 hour●●●Spring, Summer, FallView Points
Esplanade Trail NetworkalttextPenticton, BCfree exploration1.0 hour★★●●●●Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterLake
Giant's Head Mountain ParkalttextSummerland, BC3.0 km1.5 hours★★★●●●Spring, FallView Points
Golden Mile Stamp Mill TrailalttextOliver, BC2.5 km1.0 hour★★●●●Spring, Summer, FallCreek, View Point
Hardy FallsalttextPeachland, BC0.86 km20 mins●●●●Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterBridges, Waterfall
International Hike and Bike TrailalttextOliver, BC12.0 km2.0 hours* (biking)●●●●Spring, Summer, FallCreek, Playgrounds
KLO Creek TrailalttextKelowna, BC2.0 km1.0 hour★★●●●●Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterCanyon, Creek
Knox Mountain: Paul's TombalttextKelowna, BC5.34 km2.0 hours★★●●●●Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterView Point
KVR: Chute Lake to PentictonalttextPenticton, BC43.0 km6.0 hours* (biking)★★★★●●●●Spring, Summer, FallTunnels, Trestles, Rock Ovens, View Point
Linden GardensalttextKaleden, BCfree exploration1.0 hour●●●●●Spring, Summer, FallOrnamental Gardens
Mahoney LakealttextOkanagan Falls, BCfree exploration30 mins●●Spring, FallSaline Lake
McIntyre BluffalttextOliver, BC10.5 km5.0 hours★★★★●●●Spring, FallLake, View Points
McTaggart-Cowan Wildlife/Nsək’łniw’t Management AreaalttextPenticton, BC2.5 km1.5 hours★★★●●●●Spring, FallPictographs, View Points
Mill Creek Regional ParkalttextKelowna, BC2.8 km2.0 hours★★★●●●●●Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterCreek, Bridges, Boardwalk, Waterfall
Mount Kobau: Testalinden TrailalttextOsoyoos, BC5.0 km2.5 hours★★★●*Spring, Summer, FallView Points *Trail obstructed by treefall (May 2016)
Mountain Springs Nature RetreatalttextKaleden, BC2.0 km1.0 hour★★●●●●Spring, Summer, FallLake, Creek, Waterfall
Munson MountainalttextPenticton, BC2.0 km1.5 hour★★●●●Spring, Fall, WinterView Points
Munson Pond ParkalttextKelowna, BCfree exploration1.0 hour●●Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterBirdwatching, Pond
Myra Canyon Trestles alttextKelowna, BC24.0 km4.0 hours* (biking)★★●●●●●Spring, Summer, FallTrestles
Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park: Interpretive TrailalttextKelowna, BC1.7 km1.0 hour★★●●●Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterEducational
Naramata Creek ParkalttextNaramata, BC2.4 km60 mins★★●●●●●Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterCanyon, Creek, Waterfall
Nk’ Mip Desert Cultural CentrealttextOsoyoos, BC2.0 km30 min●●●Spring, FallFrist Nation History
Osoyoos Desert CentrealttextOsoyoos, BC1.5 km30 mins●●●Spring, FallEducational, Boardwalk
Osoyoos Lake OxbowsalttextOsoyoos, BC4.0 km1.0 hourSpring, Fall
Peach CliffalttextOkanagan Falls, BC4.5 km2.0 hours★★★●●●●●Spring, Fall, WinterPond, View Points
Rose Valley Regional ParkalttextWest Kelowna, BC3.1 km2.0 hours★★●●●Spring, Summer, FallView Point
Skaha Bluffs Provincial ParkalttextPenticton, BCvariesvaries★★ +●●●●Spring, Summer, FallBluffs, View Points
Summerland Centennial TrailalttextSummerland, BC4.5 km2.0 hours★★●●Spring, Summer, FallCreek, Lake, Playgrounds, View Points
Summerland Ornamental GardensalttextSummerland, BCfree exploration1.0 hour●●●●Spring, Summer, FallOrnamental Gardens
Trout Creek TrailalttextSummerland, BC4.5 km2.0 hours●●●Spring, Summer, FallCreek, Lake
Vaseux Lake Wildlife CentrealttextVaseux Lake, BC0.4 km15 mins●●●Spring, Summer, FallBirdwatching, Boardwalk
Vaseux Lake Bird ObservatoryalttextVaseux Lake, BCfree exploration1.0 hour●●●●Summer, FallBirdwatching
Vaseux Lake Swimming Holes and PictographsalttextVaseux Lake, BCcanoe access15 mins* (to pictographs)★★●●●●●Summer, FallSwimming Holes, Pictographs
White Lake TrailalttextOkanagan Falls, BC4.0 km2.0 hours●●Spring, Fall, WinterDRAO, Lake
Yellow Lake TrailalttextYellow Lake, BC9.0 kmunknown★★★★●●Spring, Summer, FallLake, View Point