Pickled Garlic Scapes

by Josée

It’s hard to remain calm, collected and cool when you see something you really want at the farmers’ market. Yesterday I spotted a large bin of garlic scapes. I practically jumped into it! But self-control prevailed. I noticed there was no advertised price for the scapes. I nonchalantly asked the farmer how much they cost. He informed me that because people are not familiar with them up North he was selling them cheap. This time I dug my hands into the pile and started piling them into a large bag. The farmer looked a little dumbfounded even after I told him I was making pickled garlic scapes. I skipped away with a smile on my face and a large bag of garlic scapes in my hands.

There was less glee involved during the prepping of the garlic scapes. I cut off 4″ pieces from the bottom of the garlic scape, stopping when the scape became tough. Most of the time I got two 4″ pieces from each scape, sometimes only one. I suppose I could have cut them up into 1-2″ pieces but I have a hard time changing plans when I set my mind to something,

Stuffing the jars was a challenge, especially when the garlic scapes curled. After stuffing the jars I poured in the brine. I used the pickled garlic scape recipe from Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry. The brine consists of 4 cups apple cider vinegar (5% acetic acid), 2 cups water and 1/4 cup picking salt. Bring to a simmer. Fill jars leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Pint jars are processed for 15 minutes.

I can’t wait to start eating these!

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Elisa July 10, 2011 - 9:55 pm

Learn something new every day! This is the first time I've heard of these. Is that the same canning book you've mentioned before?

Josée July 11, 2011 - 3:21 pm

It is the same canning book. I really like the recipes in it. The rhubarb-strawberry and rhubarb-orange jams are delicious!


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