Nature Advent Calendar for Kids

Download the Nature Advent Calendar from Teachers Pay Teachers.

24 Days of Nature Connection

This Nature Advent Calendar is all about simplicity and nature connection. Each day there is an activity that will help you and your child connect with nature in a way that celebrates the season. The activities build on one another and culminate in a very special Christmas nature activity that is inspired by one of my favourite books Night Tree by Eve Bunting.

Do you need snow?

No! This nature advent calendar will work whether you have snow or warmer winter weather. However, there is talk about evergreen trees and pinecones and so it works best for families that have access to those things in nearby nature. However, I also have a blank Evergreen Advent calendar available if you want to swap out any of the prompts that are not a good fit for your family. This is included with the Nature Advent Calendar download but it can also be downloaded separately if you’d rather write your own Advent activities.

What will you need?

This Nature Advent Calendar is meant to be simple and accessible. Most of the materials needed are sourced from nature and anything extra I’ve included in a list that comes with the download.

What’s included?

  • Nature Advent Calendar (24 hand painted evergreen trees with 24 nature inspired activities) (12 pages)
  • Parent Guide (includes descriptions of each activity, links to tutorials and free downloads) (8 pages)
  • BLANK Nature Advent Calendar (to swap out any activities as needed)

Download the Nature Advent Calendar from Teachers Pay Teachers.