5 Tips for Visiting Kangaroo Creek Farm in Lake Country, BC

by Josée

Kangaroo Creek Farm is special farm located in Lake Country, BC, about 20 km north of Kelowna (or 30 km south of Vernon). The farm is home to a unique group of animals such as parrots, peacocks, goats, capybaras, fancy chickens, maras, emus, pigs, a sugar glider and kangaroos! The farm is unique because you can actually get very close to the animals and even interact with them (hold, pet and feed).

We visited Kangaroo Creek Farm on a weekday in June and it was surprisingly busy. There was still plenty of parking in the lot off of Hill Road or along Main Street by the farm entrance. Parking at the farm is only for those with disabilities, as there are only a few spots available. As you walk down the road to the farm, stop at the large STOP sign to pay the entrance fee (cash only, prices and hours are listed on their website).

Tip #1: Bring cash to pay the entrance fee.

The first I noticed about Kangaroo Creek Farm is how nice and clean it is. it’s obvious that the owners and workers make a priority of keeping the animals happy and the farm clean and orderly.  Before visiting I had heard some parents complain (online) about negative encounters with the workers because of their child’s behaviour, so I preemptively went over the rule with my kids before we started our walkabout. It’s always good to go over the ground-rules. The result? My crazy kids were well behaved (shocking but true) and every watchful worker wet met was kind and eager to share their knowledgeable with us. Not once did I feel any negative vibes from anyone.

Tip #2: Go over the Farm Rules with your children before walking around.

Kangaroo Creek Farm is a place you want to enjoy slowly. My kids were curious about all the different animals and took their time to approach them. My youngest was terrified of the capybaras and my daughter loved the fluffy chickens. The kangaroos were definitely the highlight of our visit. We even had the chance to hold some joeys (baby kangaroos), as well as pet and feed some adult kangaroos. We spent about two hours slowly exploring the farm.

Tip #3: Take your time to explore the farm.

At the end of our adventure we sat at a table near the farm entrance and enjoyed a picnic lunch. It was nice way to finish up our time there and to talk about our favourite animals. Leaving with full tummies also made the ride to our next destination that much more peaceful.

Tip #4: Bring a picnic lunch.

One final bit of advice, part of this farm is quite exposed and could get uncomfortable hot on a summer’s afternoon. If it’s a hot day consider visiting before noon. If the afternoon is the only time you can visit be sure to wear hats and bring plenty of water.

Tip #5: On a hot day day visit in the morning.

I hope you enjoy visiting Kangaroo Creek Farm as much as we did. Happy Adventuring!

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