1001 Steps to the Beach

by Josée

It’s actually closer to 250 steps to the beach but that’s still quite a bit. Our adventures geocaching brought us to bottom of multiple flights of wooden stairs that switched back and forth down the hill towards the beach. The stairs ended and we followed a pebbly path that paralleled a railway track and then went under a tunnel onto a rocky beach. The tide was quite low and we discovered some critters among the rocks. Purple starfish (Pisaster ochraceus) were tucked into crevices, we didn’t notice them at first but on closer inspection they were everywhere. My eldest was excited and exclaimed “maman! this is the first time I’ve seen a starfish”. We also spotted sea snails and a crab. Before we left the beach some shells were collected and we waved to a passing train. The walk back was definitely more strenuous, but everyone was motivated by the promise of popsicles.

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