Family-Friendly Adventures on BC’s Sunshine Coast

by Josée


I lived in Vancouver, BC for four years and not once did I make the trek out to the Sunshine Coast. At that time I was in full blown study mode, barely coming up for air. Now, many years later, the Sunshine Coast beckoned and I followed.

The Sunshine Coast is a 180 km (112 mi) stretch of coastal land that lies north of the bustling city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Even though this area is part of the BC’s mainland, it is only accessible by water or air. Some call it one of British Columbia’s best kept secrets, a pacific paradise, one that’s dotted with quiet coastal towns, hidden groves and secret beaches, and I couldn’t agree more.

Despite it’s name, the Sunshine Coast does get a fair bit of rain throughout the year. It has an annual rainfall of 100 cm (39 in) and while the summer months are mostly sunny and dry, autumn ushers in days of constant rain. We had the opportunity to explored the Sunshine Coast in the autumn, so it was of no surprise that it rained every single day we were there! 

Exploring the Sunshine Coast in the autumn had one distinct advantage, it was very quiet and peaceful wherever we ventured. We spent days beachcombing, collecting shells and sea glass. We explored dark forests and hiked up hills to take in the far reaching views. One day we lost power to our home and walked five kilometers (three miles) along the beach and various trails into the nearest town of Gibson, BC. We took our time, exploring every nook and cranny, and when we arrived we were ravenous. Molly’s Reach, from the TV series Beachcombers, was the perfect spot to fill our bellies.

While we didn’t see and experience everything on the Sunshine Coast during our short stay there we took our time to truly enjoyed every moment there. Over the years I’ve come to appreciate that slow adventures are some of the best kind of adventures.

Family-Friendly Adventures on the BC Sunshine Coast:



Mountain Biking



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