Shaw’s Point Resort

by Josée
Lesser Slave Lake is the third largest lake in Alberta and a popular place for fishing, boating, swimming and sunbathing. The lake itself is surrounded by several campgrounds as well as the Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park. For our family reunion we stayed a week at Shaw’s Point Resort which is located on the east end of Lesser Slave Lake, close to Grouard, AB.

Shaw’s Point Resort is a large RV campsite, but it feels more like a trailer park than a campsite. The campground consists of 399 seasonal campsites, 250 overnight campsites as well as several cabins, according to their webiste. The seasonal sites are located in the more desirable spots of the campground and many have been occupied for so many years that there are permanent fixtures on the lots such as decks, outdoor kitchens and sheds. The overnight campsites are more in the open, many in large fields. The cabins are very basic and have no shower. The cabin my in-laws rented was not very clean when they arrived which was disappointing. Because of the resort’s “first-come-first-serve” policy along with their promise to “turn no camper away” you can image the chaos that ensues over a long weekend. It was incredibly busy while we were there.

Another interesting thing about this resort is the popularity of using golf carts to get from one destination to another. It was the first time I had seen golf carts being used this way and I found that it exacerbated the business of the campsite. I recognize that for some individuals with mobility issues this is a good way of getting around. However, the majority of folks I saw driving these carts would have been perfectly capable of walking or biking.

On a positive note, the beach is nice and clean; it is definitely the highlight of the campsite. The water is shallow for quite a ways making it a good beach for young children. The bottom of the lake gets a little slimy as you wade out but the water is a nice temperature. Some other amenities that the resort offers are laundry services ($3 washing, $1+ drying), showers ($1 for 3 minutes), marinas for boats, a restaurant, a small store, playground and WiFi which is rather pricey and we could not get to work.

Shaw’s Point Resort is a busy campground and not one that I particularly enjoyed staying at. If I were to return to Lesser Slave Lake I would opt to stay at the quieter more rustic Martin River Campground located in the Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park.

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Alice McCrea August 6, 2015 - 4:35 am

Thanks for your reply in the previous blog message. The children are having fun, good for them. Sorry about the cabin not being too clean I would not have liked it either. Love Alice.


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