The Pharmasave Okanagan Falls Junior Triathlon

by Josée

This is the fifth year of the Pharmasave Okanagan Falls Junior Triathlon. As a testament to how popular this kids triathlon has become, all the spots were filled within seventy-hours! Wow! The triathlon is FREE and very child friendly. The day before the event children drop off their bikes and pick up their race package. My kids get really excited to see what kind of goodies are in their packages! This year each child received a shirt, swim cap, race bib with safety pins, a juice box and fruit snack bar.

Just like any triathlon, there are three events: a swim (a walk through the water), a bike and a run. Children as young as three and as old as thirteen can participate. There are five age divisions and the course is adjusted accordingly. The numerous volunteers do a great job helping the children along the way and parents are free to step in and help as needed. I find it very sweet to see parents running along and helping their young children. And in the end every child is a winner! Each young athlete receives a medal and a treat (chocolate milk and cookie) to celebrate their success.

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to all the organizations and individuals in our community who work together to make this great event happen! 

A little aside about No-Shows! There was a significant number of no-shows for the event this years. This is very unfortunate because many children were on a wait list hoping to take part, and never had the chance. If you sign up your child please do come, it’s a great event!

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