Hiking Kalamoir Regional Park

by Josée

Kalamoir Regional Park is a lovely park located on the edge of Okanagan Lake in West Kelowna, BC. To access this park take the exit for Boucherie Road off Highway 97 in West Kelowna. Follow Boucherie Road down a ways and take a left turn on Ogden Road. Odgen Road will turn left and become Thacker Drive. Just after this turn, go right onto Collens Hill Road. You know you’re at the right place if you see a sign for Kalamoir Regional Park, follow this narrow road down to a paved parking area.

There are several trails that run from one end of the park to the other, all of which are well maintained and clearly marked. From the parking area you can either take Sunnyside Trail or Water Front Trail. We connected several trails to make a nice 2.4 km loop through the park.

One way to complete the loop is to start along Sunnyside Trail. This easy going trail explores the southern area of the park. While walking along this trail look for a narrow path that leads up the hill to an outcroping of rocks and small cave (fun to explore!). Also, watch out for poison ivy. Towards the end of Sunnyside Trail there’s a right veering trail; this is the beginning of the Upper Rim Trail. Follow Upper Rim Trail to the top portion of the park and take in the stunning views of Okanagan Lake and beyond. It’s a bit of grind getting up there but there are rest spots along the way. This trail does have some narrow areas, steep drop-offs and healthy patches of prickly pears along the sides so keep little kids close. The Upper Rim Trail descends and connects with Water Front Trail. To return to the parking area and complete the loop go right on this trail. The whole loop can be done in reverse by starting on Water Front Trail instead (see map).

Kalamoir Regional Park is unique because you get to hike right by Okanagan Lake at various elevations. This means you get to enjoy breathtaking views one moment and then splash around in the lake the next. Some of the trails are stroller friendly, like the Water Front Trail, but others, like the Upper Rim Trail are not.

One tip I have is that if you’re children love playing in the water (like mine) start on the Sunnyside Trail and loop around the park clockwise. This way you finish the loop by walking along the beach next to Water Front Trail (fully embracing wet shoes and clothes). Walking along the beach was my kids’ favourite part and in warmer months I’m sure we’d end this hike with a swim!

In terms of accessibility, Water Front Trail is trail-stroller friendly but the Upper Rim Trail is not. Water Front Trail is also nicely shaded while Sunnyside Trail and Upper Rim Trail are more expose to the sun meaning it would get really hot in the summer.

This park really has something for every ability and every season. There’s even a wheelchair accessible kayak ramp near the parking lot (really cool!).

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