Atlas Helium Trail Snowshoes Review

by Josée

The Atlas Helium Trail snowshoes are a great beginner snowshoe for teens and adults looking to explore snowy trails.

My teen went through a massive growth spurt, quickly outgrowing his MSR Shift Youth snowshoes and propelling himself into the world of adult snowshoes. I wanted to find him a pair of trail snowshoes that would handle the all terrain trails that he explores throughout the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada in the winter months.

Here in the Okanagan Valley, snowshoe trails are rarely flat. Typically they climb into the hills and mountains that surround the shimmering lakes on the valley floor, so there is often some elevation involved but the views are worth it. What that means in terms of snowshoes is that trail snowshoes are where it’s at. Snowshoes that are light, not too long and that can handle uneven trails. I use a pair of Atlas Snow Run Boa snowshoes (also available on Amazon) which work well for my petite frame and love them but I figured that my son, who is a sturdy fellow, would probably prefer something a bit bigger. I decided to go with the Atlas Helium Trail snowshoes (also available on Amazon).

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Mountain Equipment Company (MEC); however, all thoughts and opinion about this product are my own. This post also contains affiliate links for MEC and Amazon, as an associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Atlas Helium Trail Snowshoes Specs, Pros and Cons

The Atlas Helium Trail snowshoes are light, easy to get on, and comfortable to walk in both up and down hills. The first time my teen took them on the trail, he explored a 4 km snowshoe trail that included a decent climb up to a ridge. At one point the backstrap of one snowshoe slipped off, probably because it wasn’t cinched properly. Other users have reported a similar problem and use an elastic band to fix the issue. As would be expected these snowshoes sink in deep powdery snow so they are best used on broken snowshoe trails or through snow that isn’t too deep.

Overall, my teen really liked the way the Atlas Helium Trail snowshoes worked. He has the 23 inches Atlas Helium Trail snowshoes but they also come in two longer lengths, 26 inches and 30 inches.


Weight1.61kg (26in)
Ideal forGeneral snowshoeing
Dimensions23in. (23in)
30in. (30in)
26in. (26in)
Max recommended load80-160lb. (23in)
200-270lb. (30in)
150-220lb. (26in)
Heel liftYes
Made inChina
Specifications from MEC


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use bindings
  • Good traction and grip
  • Easy to walk in
  • Effective for going up and down hills
  • Good value


  • Heel strap can come undone (can be secured with a rubber band)
  • Not great in deep, light snow.

Atlas Helium Trail Snowshoes

Overall, these are a great beginner trail snowshoe that work well on a variety of snowy terrain. There have been some issues with the heel strap coming undone but an elastic can fix this issue easily. Otherwise, great quality and good value make the Atlas Helium Trail snowshoes (also available on Amazon) perfect for teens and adults that just want to get out and explore snowy trails.

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