Marvelous Mushroom Picture Books for Kids

by Josée

Mushrooms are mysterious and marvelous. They aren’t plants or animals, but belong to its own kingdom: fungi! There is so mush to learn about mushrooms and this list of mushrooms picture books is a great place to start. Not only are these books are all well written and beautifully illustrated, but they are funny and interesting.

Surprisingly there are not very many picture books about mushrooms for children, but when new ones arrive on the scene I will be sure to add them to this list.

Did I miss you child’s favourite book about mushrooms? If so, let me know what it’s called and I’ll add it to this list.

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Fungi Grow by Maria Gianferrari (Author) and Diana Sudyka (Illustrator) (published Oct 17, 2023)

A lyrical exploration of the world a fungi filled with magical illustrations. I am a big fan of books Maria Gianferrari especially her book Be a Tree.

Ages: Baby to 9

Fungalphabet: The ABC’s of Fungi by William Brown (published July 28, 2023)

Teach your little one the alphabet and learn about fabulous fungi at the same time! A perfect book for your budding mycologist.

Ages: Baby to 5

Fungarium: Welcome to the Museum by Ester Gaya (Author) and Katie Scott (Illustrator)

Part of the Welcome to the Museum series which includes the popular Botanicum and Animalium, this book geared towards older children is packed with technical information about mushrooms. The age recommendation for this book is 8 to 12, but I think it’s more appropriate to say it’s best suited for 10+.

Ages: 8 to 12 (or 10+)

Fungus is Among Us! by Joy Keller (Author) and Erica Salcedo (Illustrator)

A funny rhyming story about fungus all around us.

Ages: 5 to 10

Humongous Fungus by DK

A non-fiction book all about mushrooms filled with fun facts about fungi.

Ages: 7 to 9

Katya’s Book of Mushrooms by Katya Arnold (Author) and Sam Swope (Author)

Originally published in 1997, this book of mushroom is seeing a new 2023 edition. Filled with scientific information about mushrooms this beginners guide to fungi is great for older kids and teens.

Ages: 10 to 14

Magnificent Mushrooms: A kingdom beneath your feet by Nicola Robson

Go on a magical mushroom journey and learn about was lies beneath your feet in this simple but lovely book about fungi written by Nicola Robson from Blossom and Stardust.

Ages: 0 to 8

Mason Goes Mushrooming by Melany Kahn (Author) and Ellen Korbonski (Illustrator)

In the spring when the apple trees are blossoming Mason and his pup Buddy find morels. In the early summer when the 4th of July parade come through town they find chanterelles. From spring until fall Mason goes mushrooming with his dog buddy discovering delicious forest fruit. Each discovery is also paired with a recipe. This unique book introduces children and their parents to the world of mushrooming.

Ages: 4 to 9

Meet the Mushrooms! by Sonali Fry (Author) and Melanie Demmer (Illustrator) (released on January 2, 2024)

“An engaging rhyming book with adorable mushroom characters and layered die cuts to peek through!” (review from Amazon)

Ages: 2 to 5

Mushroom Lullaby by Kenneth Kraegel

A sweet little mushroom lullaby to put your little wildling to bed at night.

Ages: 2 to 5

Mushroom in the Rain by Mirra Ginsburg (Author) and Jose Aruego (Illustrator)

One day there was an ant caught up in the rain and it hid under a tiny mushroom. Soon ant is joined by a butterfly, a mouse, a sparrow, a rabbit…. that was being chased by a fox. When the rain stopped something surprising happened to the mushroom. Originally published in 1997, this classic story about a mushroom in the

Ages: 3 to 8

Mushroom Rain by Laura K. Zimmermann (Author) and Jamie Green (Illustrator)

This beautifully illustrated and lyrical ode to mushrooms explores the vast and curious world of mushrooms.

Ages: 4 to 8

Plants That Never Ever Bloom: A Book About Plants without Flowers by Ruth Heller

Originally published in 1984, this book about plants without flowers continues to capture the imagination of children through its beautiful illustrations.

Ages: 5 to 7

Tales of the Mushroom Folk Signe Aspelin

Spring has arrived and mushroom families wake up. First the brain mushrooms, then the button mushrooms, the slippery jacks and the shaggy ink caps. Each mushroom family has a unique personality and in this book twelve are described. Originally published in 1909 and beautifully illustrated by the Swedish author.

Ages: 4 to 7

The Mushroom Fan Club by Elise Gravel

Author Elise Gravel likes to go mushroom hunting with her children. It’s a real world treasured hunt! In this non-fiction book the author shares her knowledge about mushrooms from chanterelles to puffballs to the pretty but toxic fly agaric. ???? Gravel has such a great way of bringing nature, even mushrooms, to life in a fun and approachable way.

Ages: 6+

We Are Fungi by Christine Nishiyama

“Deep inside the damp dark forest…can you see us?” A lovely introduction to the world of fungi for younger children.

Ages: 3 to 8

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